Flat feet, also known as ‘pes planus’ or ‘fallen arches’ is a common issue with people, especially when trying to increase your activity for fitness. It can be passed down genetically and usually this condition occurs when the arches don’t develop during childhood. Flat feet can cause issues of increased stress on the ankles and knees as your foot is less able to absorb shock when running and walking. A solution to alleviate the problem of flat feet is to use arch supports (orthotics) that can be placed directly into your shoes over the footbeds. These orthotics can be either bought ‘off the shelf’ in various sizes or custom made by the team at the ‘Bexley Foot Clinic’ in a variety of materials including carbon fibre. So if you are a runner, a skier or on your feet all day, see further details on our website and book an appointment.