Ingrowing Toenail Treatments

Nail Surgery

When you attend the Bexley Foot Clinic with a painful toe or difficult nail will initially assess your situation with you and inform you of all the treatment options available to you dependent upon your individual needs.

Sometimes nail surgery cannot be avoided, but we always endeavor to use the least invasive methods first by removal of any offending nail spike using local anaesthetic if necessary. For tight involuted nails we can often temporarily stop pain by cutting and filing the edges of the nail to alleviate pressure.

However, sometimes the nail problem can be persistent and nail surgery the best treatment plan. The procedure best suited for your needs will be fully discussed with the podiatrist and informed consent will be gained.

Podiatrists at the clinic have specialised in nail surgery for many years and are well respected in South East London for nail surgery and have excellent results. The lead podiatrist has a success rate audited above the national average for nail surgery procedures. They are skilled in treating nervous patients and young children and endeavor to achieve the best cosmetic results where possible.

Pictorial represenation of the stages that occur when a section of nail is removed from a patient.


Printable surgical instruction sheets for our clients

To be printed by all clients who have had or are about to have nail surgery.
Please print the appropriate document according to your situation.

Pre-OP Instructions Post-OP Instructions

Nail Surgery is completed under a local anaesthetic where 8-10% of the nail is removed (including the root) so that the nail permanently becomes slightly narrower. This may be on one side or both sides of the nail plate and sometimes a nail may need to be completely removed. Phenol is used to cauterise the nail and prevents it re-growing in the corners. This is usually over 95% successful, if post surgical advice is adhered to. You will need to attend a follow up appointment 2-3 days afterwards.

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